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On this page you will find detail of our consultancy services: The most efficient way to get correct information back to your business is to fill in our contact form on the contact pages, by initiating contact via email, we can allocate your request directly to one of our professional solutions consultants.

Telecommunications Consultancy.

As IT and IP telecommunications becomes increasingly integral to business processes, it can also become more complex, with costs potentially spiraling. But using our professional consulting services appropriately before deploying any major initiative ensures the project fits the purpose and costs are controlled.

In this global economy to stay ahead of the competition businesses need to anticipate their clients' needs and be able to respond to unexpected developments. They need to track new technological breakthroughs enabling revenue growth, optimization, cost control and employee performance along with any regulatory developments that may impact their business.

Appropriate use of technology can overcome most challenges by enabling effective global communications and real-time business. We can assist enterprise businesses identify, design and implement the right solution through our consulting service.

Our consultancy services focus on technology and infrastructure, utilising carrier networks, voice and data centers.

If you wish to use our services, then you must submit a full qualified RFP to our dedicated consultants along with cost expectations and estimates.

Television Broadcast and Rebroadcast Consultancy.

We can provide startup businesses with turnkey solutions for full rebroadcasting, from implementation of the headend, through to the supply and delivery of set top boxes, with own label branding, splash screens and firmwares.

Tiered levels of equipment are available, from very cheap to suit shoestring budgets and startups, all the way through to qualified solutions with complete middleware. We can provide, IPTV solutions as well as RF broadcast solutions, we can provide solutions that utilise licenced, and unlicenced broadcast bands, whilst we provide the equipment and solutions, we cannot stress the importance of obtaining the correct licences to operate and use the equipments.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Information Technology Consulting and Solutions.

Our IT consultanting solutions fall under the umbrella of our telecommunications consulting service, however if you require a large quantity of equipment for an office expansion or installation project then do not hesitate to contact us, due to our purchase arrangements with broadcast suppliers and telecom equipment providers we can often provide equipment to businesses at a discount not normally obtainable via retail outlets.

To obtain quotes, send your request for information via our web contact form.

Equipment supply.

See our services page for more information. 

With bulk purchase power from our enterprise solutions, we are able to offer businesses generous savings on office IT equipment. 

To find out more about how we can help you cut costs, please read the information on our services page. 

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